SMarT Intíl Consulting Llc Focuses On Three Business Topics And Offers Assistance In/At Overall Cfo Activities


As a consultant, I am goal oriented and possess the capability to:

  • Identify and solve problems
  • Organize, and structure activities that require cross functional
    groups of diverse people
  • Focus on a strategic plan to accomplish the goal
  • Win the contract
  • Open the new facility
  • Integrate and fund the new enterprise
  • Accomplish whatever needs to occur no matter how complex the
    situation presents.
I have a unique international prospective to utilize in order to
find successful solutions and remedies to complex problems or
opportunities that include:
  • Finance
  • Funding
  • Leveraging and use of foreign capital sources
  • International trade
  • Recruitment of international talent
  • Application of global market logic.
I am very analytical and an expert at developing productive
relationships with associates at all levels both within and external to
the organization.

Tel. +1 864 722 5158 | Mobile: +1 859 391 8165