SMarT Intíl Consulting Llc Focuses On Three Business Topics And Offers Assistance In/At Overall Cfo Activities

International Business: Managing of existing branches; opening of new branches; improving communication and cooperation between branches; understanding foreign environments and culture.

Complex IT Projects and Implementation: When cross-functional IT projects involve Finance and the Company as a whole, a deep understanding of the ramification involved in the project is required. Coordinating and fulfilling the expectation of the whole structure is a must and SmarT has the capability to help in doing so.

Coaching and Mentoring Young CFOs: When internal resources are promoted, young external people are recruited, international new projects are started and additional support to the CFO is needed, SMarTís long time experience and years in the position become an asset to help in succeeding.

CFO Activities: Over thirty years of demonstrated expertise, troubleshooting and turning around underperforming operations. Leaded successful startup operations within a multi-national organization. Finance, funding, leveraging, use of foreign capital sources, international trade, recruitment of international talent and application of global market logic, creates a strong basis for a SMarT CFO role.
Extremely detailed knowledge of the country
Knowledge of the country and local business experience
Business Ventures